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    Our Route Management Solutions save our clients Millions of Dollars each year - and that's just a small part of what we do.

    MCNi is a software development, support and distribution company with offices across the United States.  We develop mobile distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and retail systems designed to improve efficiencies and eliminate manual tasks. All of our solutions are built around our motto - Our Job is to Understand You.



    MCNi and the mobile invoicing applications were first released in 1999. This product quickly became the company’s flagship product. MCNI Delivery enabled hand-held computers to function as mobile cash registers or order takers and perform customer and inventory inquiries and processes such as: received-on-account, inventory restock/replenishment and product transfers. The software is used by over 2000 retailers, manufacturers and distributors and has become an industry standard in a range of mobile distribution markets.

    Over the years, many different accounting and business operations packages have been seamlessly linked to the MCNi suite of integrated systems. MCNi takes a unique strategy when linking with other software packages. If you review other route systems, you’ll notice that there is an apparent lack of integration with the systems you use to run your business. MCNi partners with each individual accounting system and develops a very tight and transparent link. The goal in each case is to effortlessly create transactions in your accounting system as if you had keyed those transactions in by hand.

    MCNI Strengths

    • Synchronization Manager
    • Inventory Management
    • Pricing Levels and Contracts
    • Complete Integration to all Major Accounting Systems
    • Inventory Replenishment Management
    • Mobile Delivery and Pre-Sales
    • Web Services
    • CRM
    • Reporting Services
    • Integrated Training and Marketing Services
    • Tablet PC, PDA, or Smartphone Form Factors
    • Remote, Secure Credit Card Processing
    • Feature Rich Applications for Each Market
    • Strong Returns


    We have always focused on a strong ROI for our customers, which explains a lot about the high level of customer satisfaction we’ve enjoyed. We simply won’t ship a product if we don’t feel the customer will receive substantial benefit.

    To maintain this focus we rely heavily on our in-depth understanding of various mobile industries and segments, and we work diligently to stay on top of the challenges that continue to evolve for our customers. At the end of the day, our efforts are rewarded only if we develop solutions that work.


    System Benefits

    • Increased number of stops per day
    • Invoices written more quickly and accurately
    • Pricing uniformity across the enterprise
    • Dramatic reduction in clerical expense
    • Tighter controls, loss prevention



    Why Companies Avoid Automation
    Our experience has taught us that most businesses avoid automation not because of the up-front investment associated with doing so, but because of Fear. Fear of partnering with the wrong company, Fear that key team members will not accept changes, Fear that the systems will not work for them. Fear.

    What is interesting always is that have yet to come across a business that was founded on Fear, or prospered because of it - and yet occasionally that is what comes to define some businesses. Fear.

    If up-front cost is your Fear - keep in mind MCNI has very flexible leasing programs with no payments for the first 90 days and monthly payments as low as $49 per route. In 1999 adopting emerging automation solutions was “cutting edge”, in 2009 it is a necessity, so we’ve made it easy.

    We understand the barriers to automation, and work with you to overcome them.
    Our Job is to help you overcome the Fear.


    We Have a Crystal Ball - We Know Your Future
    Businesses that automate will enjoy tremendous strategic and functional advantages over their competitors, in virtually all industries, market conditions and geographies. Fact. We all know what happens to businesses that don’t Adapt, that don’t Evolve. And we know what it feels like in our own businesses when we are taking one course vs. the other.

    If you choose to Automate we know your salespeople will have more time in front of your customers. We know you’ll miss having the cadre of data entry clerks to socialize with at the company Bar-B-Que. And we know that at some point you will call, email or write to thank us.

    We see companies every day who accept change, who take risks and who Choose to Evolve. We also occasionally run into the ones who Choose not to. We don’t usually see them around for too long.

    We understand the future of business automation, and work with you to realize your goals.
    Our Job is to know your Future.


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